Dirt on My Boots


I began writing songs in my second year of high school due to being apart of a class called Americana, where we were required to compose and complete a song every two weeks. This quickly forced me into a habit of playing guitar and writing lyrics as well as singing every single day.  I fell in love with performing and expressing myself in the form of songwriting.  

I then became addicted to learning every instrument that struck a chord with me.  I first began by learning to play the drums and acoustic guitar. Mainly by collaborating with other artists inside and out of my class.  Now, Over eight years later and a degree in Instrumental performance,  I am currently fluent in guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, percussion, and singing with a strong focus on the slide guitar and harmonica.  My roots in Blues and Rock n' Roll began when I was 17 starting with my personal discovery of Led Zeppelin which then quickly evolved towards more traditional influences such as Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, and The Band.  

After leading a rock band for three years called, Naked Gypsies , I am currently rolling solo and have now written over sixty original songs and specialize in recording and mixing my own recordings.  In which I also perform all of the instruments as well as shoot and edit my own videos!  

I love and appreciate music as well as the life I was given and the path I have chosen to take.  

I am beyond blessed.  


Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi








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