With the release of “The Flood” EP, Michael Scott Bates brings a fresh feel to a clashing of genres. Lush with addictive guitar hooks, soulful vocal approach, and plenty of pop undertones, the song boasts the aesthetic of indie pop anthems. Releasing the song following several other singles, the songwriter certainly never loses sight of the emotional platform great material is built from.


“This EP is a fresh start for me as a solo artist. A beginning to a quality of recordings that I can finally be proud of.  One's that represent me well and showcase what it is that I truly hear in my head, which is often hard to execute accurately.  Being completely self produced, this is the first collection of tracks that I feel confident about putting my stamp on and I look forward to laying down the rest of the album.” explains the songwriter of the record.


“The record has a general theme of speaking out and being yourself. Not listening to anyone’s judgments but it also has a lot to do with my wife and me’s relationship over the past 8 years as well as the passing of her brother and father. Still leaning on calling the entire album ‘Norwegian Knot’ but might come up with something more collective.” says Bates of the upcoming LP and songwriting process.


Raised in central Oregon from the age of 5, Michael Scott Bates grew up with his dad in Prineville. Performing in choir from the age of 8 through his college years he’s always had a love for singing. During his high school years, he took a class called Americana where he quickly got into the habit of writing songs along with picking up guitar and drums. Once he hit college, he properly learned piano and was already used to swapping instruments live with his band King Fisher. Later, he would meet his wife in Snohomish WA and return there to study instrumental performance at Shoreline Community College. For the following 5 years, he led his band Naked Gypsies and though they had success, he eventually decided to embark on a solo career in music in 2015. Continuing on to teach himself new instruments like harmonica and the art of slide guitar, Bates focus on expanding his song writing. Taking time to learn about recording, mixing, and mastering, the artist began to release his songs as a solo artist. The rest, as they say, is history.


Having played different variations of live shows both with a full band, and as a solo act, Bates is certainly not new to spreading the music through live performance. His solo performances are now that of a one man band, playing a kick drum and tambourine with is left foot, slide guitar in his lap, and a harmonica with vocal effects, he’s able to get a full band sound with a unique twist.


“Audible” is now available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and Bates is already planning shows for the summer in support of his release.

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